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5 Instagram Photographers You Should Be Following

December 03 2017


5 Instagram Photographers You Should Follow


We all love Instagram.


The countless photos that scroll our feeds daily seems to be an addiction to some and a habit to most. We can't seem to put our phones down.


But here's the thing:


Are you really following photographers who truly inspire you? 


If you're like most people, then you probably follow a long list of Instagram photographers who are likely to get lost in our never-ending feed of Instagram goodness.


Well luckily for you, I compiled a list of 5 Instagram photographers that crush the Instagram game and are an inspiration to the photography community.



Brotherkehn Instagram Photographer

In the era of adventure and travel photography, Kehn isn't afraid to add some color to his architectural landscapes and urban portraits. He defines a 2-color pallet and incorporates a moody orange glow with bright teal highlights. His main shooter is a Sony Alpha A7II.



Davvealcaraz Instagram Photographer

If you want inspiration for visual art, David is your guy. He has a talent for finding a unique perspective on what would be otherwise, an everyday normal shot. You can see from his Instagram feed that he has a mix of urban visuals and trendy portraits that are sure to inspire you.



Matthewpik Instagram Photographer

With his high-contrast and moody vibes, Matthew has been defaulted the name "Kontrast King" for good reason. High contrast photography is one of the hardest photography skills to master. He has a balanced mix of street photography and urban visuals that will inspire you to get out there and try something new.



Tnellly Instagram Photographer

The west coast has a lot to offer and challenge any photographer. Turner sets foot in some of the most compelling places the west coast can throw at you. He has a beautiful mix of sunset landscapes and mountain visuals that will make you want to get out and travel.



Dub.Zeller Instagram Photographer

This Oregon photographer spends a lot of his time in the Pacific Northwest. Dub has an amazing talent to find some of the hidden gems the PNW has to offer. From waterfalls to snow covered trees, he will be sure to inspire you on your next photography adventure.

Jason R.

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