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The Amazing Power of Curves in Photoshop: The Easiest Way to Improve Color and Light in your Image.

by Jason Ruggiero   •   February 10 2019




In this quick video, learn how using Photoshop's fundamental Curve tool will help you easily master light and color in your images.


So how is it done, you ask?


Aaron Nace from shows us how using Curves in Photoshop can make huge improvements in any one of your images. Curves is one of the most fundamentals tools in Photoshop, however it seems many photographers are unsure how to use them or even worse, never used them! Once you see how easy curve adjustments can be, you can use them to lighten or darken any part of your image and can be used for color correction as well.


Here's the thing:


Me personalty, I feel like I have watched hundreds of hours upon hours of every technique know to make my images Instagram worthy. This is the easiest way to improve your photographs and takes little to no effort. Photoshop does all the work for you! 

Once you understand how to use the curves adjustment tool and curve layers, you will be on your way to impressive, vibrant and rich images that are sure to impress your Instagram followers.


In this video by Phlearn, Aaron shows us how easy Curves are to use and how you can:


• Lighten or darken your whole image with curve adjustments quickly and easily.

• How to mask certain colors of your image and select which parts you want to adjust.

• How to understand and use Photoshop RGB color channels.


Once you see how easy this is to use, you're going to wonder why you never took the time to understand it. You will see how simple and effective Curve Adjustment layers are and how they are the golden nugget to editing your images. 


Let us know how you like using the Curve tool and how it helped improve your images.


Also see some examples of how these 5 Instagram photographers mastered the use of Photoshop's Curve Adjustments and Layers tool.


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